01 January 2099

09 January 2012

Shawnee Craft Brewery @ Shawnee Mtn (Black Diamond Bar) & More News

It’s been a little while since we’ve had some updates from Shawnee Craft Brewing.  We brought you the news of Leo Bongiorno’s departure & Chris Degasperis stepping up as new bremaster…but we haven’t had many update since then.  Today I’m excited to relay a few updates.  Looks like the Black Diamond Bar & Grill at the top of Shawnee Mountain will exclusively serve Shawnee Craft beers on draft (and no others.)  Shawnee Craft has also hired Frankie Potenzieri & Shawn Copeman as assistant brewers, six new bourbon barrels have arrived from Heaven Hill Distillers and they’ve stocked 92 more sixtels…so things must be going great.  As evidence of that I thought I show you a peek at the Gem & Keystone’s commercial below.

10 November 2010

Shawnee Craft Beer Dinner

ShawneeCraft® Autumn Beer Dinner to benefit Shawnee Preservation Society in celebration of their 5th Anniversary.
Acoustic Music Provided by The Shockenaw Mountain Boys
$35 inclusive of tax and gratuity if purchased by Sunday, November 14
$40 if purchased after November 14th.
Tickets can be purchased at the Gem or contact Martha Carbone at 570-236-1321

29 March 2010

Shawnee Craft Has Their DIPA in the Tanks…or Should I Say Barrels

ShawneeCraftDIPA From Leo:

This should be good!
We'll go all the way around the block w/this, growlers, cask and Nitro.
Double IPA: Just double strength, not the Herculean varieties sometimes seen in these parts. 100% organic ingredient, dry-hopped in the cask, soon as the hops have worked their magic we'll get this one up.

02 December 2009

Shawnee Craft Beers Get Better & Better

ShawneeCraftLogo1 I just thought you’d want a peek at the latest tap list update from Leo @ Shawnee Craft Brewing…

Vienna Lager (Bonne Vienne, if you prefer)- A little green, but good to go. Unfiltered, so it will continue to lager in the kegs. Just like the Pils, and the Blanche this one is a 100% organic grist, modestly hopped and @ 4.85% ABV is an easy drinker.
Biere Blanche- At its peak right now, Balance of this batch is going into a barrel or two w/a cocktail of Bretts and Lactos. I can't wait to see what happens and when.
Bohemian Pilsner(La Boheme)- Nothing fancy, but a fatty (phatty?) @ 5.8% ABV
Bourbon Porter- 'Nuff said
Entire- on nitro-draft 6.5% ABV
I'm recomending the "Fitty-fitty" this week, that half a glass of Bourbon Porter, topped off w/ Entire.

Coming Soon; Tripartite, six month old porter + Bourbon Porter + the fresh stuff. And, also too VSOP

20 November 2009

Shawnee Craft – Beer Engine

ShawneeCraftHandPumpOr as I like to say, “Leo’s got a hand pump!”  Real Ale coming soon!

11 November 2009

Shawnee Craft Brewing – Bourbon Porter


I just heard from Leo and he tells me they are hoping to have their Bourbon Porter ready for next Fri (11/20).  Leo tells me they will be doing some growlers, but he doesn’t expect it to be around for very long.  The first run of this will be a blend of 2 barrels (both 18-years), and the next run (possibly for Christmas) should be 4-6 barrels.  This is one of my favorite styles of beer and I’m excited to hear that the first sampling was fantastic.  Cheers Leo….hope I get to try it out.

04 November 2009

Shawnee Craft Beer Dinner – Nov 6th

ShawneCraftBeerDinnerJust received this from Leo and it sounds wonderful.  The beer lover in me is already starting to drool a little over the Blackberry Biere Blanche.  This dinner benefits the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe Co.

27 October 2009

Shawnee Craft Brewing – Leo in Action

Thanks to poconorecord.com and Lew Bryson for pointing this great little snippet of Leo in Action!