02 December 2009

Shawnee Craft Beers Get Better & Better

ShawneeCraftLogo1 I just thought you’d want a peek at the latest tap list update from Leo @ Shawnee Craft Brewing…

Vienna Lager (Bonne Vienne, if you prefer)- A little green, but good to go. Unfiltered, so it will continue to lager in the kegs. Just like the Pils, and the Blanche this one is a 100% organic grist, modestly hopped and @ 4.85% ABV is an easy drinker.
Biere Blanche- At its peak right now, Balance of this batch is going into a barrel or two w/a cocktail of Bretts and Lactos. I can't wait to see what happens and when.
Bohemian Pilsner(La Boheme)- Nothing fancy, but a fatty (phatty?) @ 5.8% ABV
Bourbon Porter- 'Nuff said
Entire- on nitro-draft 6.5% ABV
I'm recomending the "Fitty-fitty" this week, that half a glass of Bourbon Porter, topped off w/ Entire.

Coming Soon; Tripartite, six month old porter + Bourbon Porter + the fresh stuff. And, also too VSOP