09 January 2012

Shawnee Craft Brewery @ Shawnee Mtn (Black Diamond Bar) & More News

It’s been a little while since we’ve had some updates from Shawnee Craft Brewing.  We brought you the news of Leo Bongiorno’s departure & Chris Degasperis stepping up as new bremaster…but we haven’t had many update since then.  Today I’m excited to relay a few updates.  Looks like the Black Diamond Bar & Grill at the top of Shawnee Mountain will exclusively serve Shawnee Craft beers on draft (and no others.)  Shawnee Craft has also hired Frankie Potenzieri & Shawn Copeman as assistant brewers, six new bourbon barrels have arrived from Heaven Hill Distillers and they’ve stocked 92 more sixtels…so things must be going great.  As evidence of that I thought I show you a peek at the Gem & Keystone’s commercial below.

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